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Our Process

  • Made in USA from Aerospace grade forged aluminum to be lighter and stronger with radial grain flow, and polish able to a mirror like finish.
  • Machined on CNC lathe and mill centers for precise and balanced material removal. Each wheel has been lighted by removing mass in the milling process from the backside of spokes and pad pockets. This lightening process has been calculated through computer Finite Element Analysis testing (FEA), and verified through real world Lab load testing. These wheels will stand the test of time!
  • Meticulous detail whether you’re choosing a fully polished wheel, or with added finish options, like ceramic color coat detail.
  • Each wheel offset can be chosen in 1/8 inch, or approximately 3mm increments, between the minimum and maximum range of a given wheel width. Additionally, brake clearances can also be chosen in the same increments to optimize each fitment.
Iozzio Performance Wheels
Iozzio Performance Wheels
Iozzio Performance Wheels


Jeremy Brooks

Vancouver, Washington

"The attention to detail and the remarkable design is second to none, this will not be my only set of Iozzio Wheels."

David Blades

Crockett, Texas

"When I saw the wheels for the first time my heart jumped with joy."

Shane Constantinescu

British Columbia, Canada

"They look amazing and the fit is perfect!"